Basic Information on Osaka-Sakai

What Kind of Place is Osaka?

Osaka is a central city in Western Japan with a population of over 8 million. As a political, economic, and cultural center of Japan, Osaka, has inherited a prosperous history and retains historical structures such as tombs, temples, and shrines, and is located in a rich natural setting surrounded by mountains on three sides and the Osaka Bay to the west.

Known as "Japan's kitchen" thanks to its vast assortment of delicious food, Osaka is home to flourishing agriculture and fishing industries that support its food culture as well s many traditional crafts such as knives and tinware.

Southern Osaka, including Sakai, where the Meeting will take place, is an alluring area that boasts Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group, a UNESCO World Heritage and Kansai International Airport, which serves as a gateway to the world, as well as beautiful nature throughout the seasons, rich agricultural and seafood products, and well-preserved historical buildings and townscapes.


Water eggplant


Yamanaka Valley (Hannan City)


Jinaimachi (Tondabayashi City)


Kansai International Airport

What Kind of Place is Sakai?

Sakai is a city that has developed trade with the world from antiquity to now. Sakai is home to the Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group, which includes Emperor Nintoku's Tomb, and, together with the Furuichi Kofun Group spanning from the city of Fujiidera to Habikino, has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The ironworking technology used in the construction of these ancient tombs has been passed down to modern industries, such as gunsmithing in the middle ages, Sakai cutlery, and bicycle manufacturing. During the middle ages, Sakai flourished as an international city of trade known as the "Venice of the East" and created technology, industry, and culture so renowned it was said that “everything starts in Sakai.”

The tea ceremony perfected by Sakai native and tea master Sen no Rikyu has also had significant influence not only on the formation of Sakai's traditional culture but also on Japan's spiritual culture.


Nintoku-tenno-ryo Kofun


Old Sakai Lighthouse


Sakai forged knives


Tea Ceremony


EXPO 2025 OSAKA, KANSAI, JAPAN will be hosted in Yumeshima, Osaka for six months from April 13 to October 13, 2025. EXPO 2025 OSAKA, KANSAI, JAPAN will serve as a platform to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by 2030 under the theme "Designing Future Society for Our Lives" and will bring together the world's wisdom to tackle global challenges as well as create and disseminate new ideas.


Provided By: Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition